Meet our partners: Citylife Madrid

Citylife Madrid is an international company made for internationals. The company works to create an international student community in Madrid, where all international students can get free information and help about different topics to be able to settle in quickly. Moreover, Citylife Madrid organises events and trips, that anyone can join on. It is important for Citylife Madrid to help as many international students as possible, with their free services and community.

The services that Citylife Madrid offer start from the moment a student knows that they will come to Madrid to study, work, intern or any other reason. The main services include; helping with finding accommodation, creating a Spanish bank account, giving legal advice, getting a public transport card and getting a Spanish SIM card. Their helpful Welcome Guides and packs, medical information and Whatsapp groups/ forums for different people and reasons are provided as well.

Citylife Madrid and MundialRooms

Citylife Madrid

Citylife organises weekly activities and special activities, as well as day, weekend and week-long trips in Spain, Morocco and Portugal! These trips are pre-planned so clients can spend their time enjoying the journey and meeting new people! The trips have many destinations in Spain, such as País Vasco, Andalucía, Toledo, Valencia and Segovia. As well as Morocco, where you can go on a small trip in North Morocco or a week trip through the whole of Morocco and Portugal, where you can go to Lisbon and Porto. Their social and cultural activities consist of dancing classes, social get-togethers, food and wine tastings, museum tours, ice skating, bowling and many more ways to enjoy the evenings! These activities are free or you need to pay a small amount of money to enjoy.

To sign up for an activity or trip is easy, go to the website of Citylife Madrid or stop by in the office to book!

Citylife Madrid

If you find yourself interested in much of what Citylife has to offer, it’s a great idea to take a look at their discount card called the CityCard. With the CityCard you can get discounts with the activities and trips of Citylife Madrid and as well with different activities, restaurants, bike rental, gym memberships and tours in Madrid. To get the card, you can order it online and visit their office to pick it up, or you can go directly to their office and pay for it on the spot to get the card immediately.

Citylife Madrid

So, what are you waiting for? Follow them on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to their newsletter for updates about the different activities and trips! Become part of the community, meet new friends and enjoy Madrid in the best way.

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